NEOUS is for the modern realist. Open-minded and considered, the NEOUS woman is at the core of every shoe designed. Adventurous but astute, informed but non-conformist, she is the woman for whom NEOUS was created, and she is inspired by our diverse friends across the globe.

Simple but radical in concept and form, NEOUS shoes are made with function, quality, price and ease considered first.


NEOUS shoes are designed to fit seamlessly into the modern woman’s life. Crafted on Italian lasts, shoes are comfortable, with architecturally sound block heels and easy elevations. An uncompromising approach to the quality of materials used will satisfy the needs of the woman who values practicality and provenance as well as style.

By stepping back and stripping back the NEOUS designers have allowed a bold new minimalist aesthetic to shine. Shapes are simple but inherently striking. Visual twists are explored via confident and vivid colour play and Spartan detailing.

Minimalist, pared back, considered.

Less, but more